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Acupuncture is one part of a comprehensive system of traditional Chinese medicine, which also involves herbal medicines, massage (tui na) diet and exercise. It has been practiced for thousands of years.

Chinese philosophy views the body as an integrated, energetic whole. Mind, body and spirit are all aspects of the same energy known as ‘qi’. Health depends upon the harmonious movement of qi throughout the body which also affects the flow of our emotions and inner lives. When the qi becomes blocked, drained or unbalanced illness results. Optimal energetic flow may be disturbed by many factors including emotional states such as anxiety, grief or fear, as well as poor or inappropriate nutrition, weather conditions, hereditary factors, infections poisons and trauma. Staying in alignment with our natural state in modern times is very hard, bombarded as we are by stimulus and relentless pressures.
We rarely simply treat a symptom in isolation, rather, the constitution and lifestyle of a patient are taken into account and we aim to work with the root of the disharmony. Powerful yet gentle, acupuncture invites return to balance through the insertion of fine sterile needles into the appropriate points in channels of energy. which have different effects. The body has a tendency to want to return to harmonic function, so it is almost unheard of for people to have unpleasant side effects. Depending on circumstances, you may feel clear and sprightly after a session, or in need of a long, deep sleep.

Tui Na is Chinese massage which is tailored to your needs using the same process of diagnosis as acupuncture treatment. It is much more than a generalised massage and can be vigorous or very gentle depending on the situation. An effective and enjoyable treatment in its own right, it combines beautifully with acupuncture and enhances the treatment and I usually offer both massage and acupuncture in a treatment.

Deep tissue massage

Deeply relaxing work, more western in technique and using oil. A different approach to provide release from aches and tensions. Trigger point work and Jill's knowledge of acupuncture is woven in to provide powerful therapeutic effect.

What and who can acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture can treat many complaints, both long term issues and acute conditions. Many people have acupuncture as a preventative measure to strengthen their constitution or because they feel unwell in themselves without being ill in the conventional Western medical sense.

Acupuncture is suitable for everyone including children, expectant mothers, injured athletes and the elderly. It is also helpful for people trying to overcome addictions such as those related to smoking, food or drugs.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but the following complaints respond well to acupuncture treatment.

• Anxiety states
• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Back pain
• Circulatory problems
• Depression
• High blood pressure
• Immune disorders
• Aches and pains
• Infertility
• Infections i.e. colds and flu
• Menstrual problems and menopausal symptoms
• Migraines
• Rheumatism
• Sciatica
• Skin conditions
• Sports injuries
• Sleep disorders

The number of treatments required depends on the individual and the situation. Sometimes the effects can be quite dramatic and only one or two sessions can shift blocked energy. For most complaints a course of treatments in needed and it is usual to come once a week for a month then make a review of progress and plan further from there. Treatment is also about your own empowerment and overall health and you are encouraged to make appropriate dietary changes and explore your relationship to your life in general. Creation of new opportunities comes with clearing old and stuck habits and patterns, and this is very much the scope of this work.

The first consultation and treatment generally takes about an hour and a half, with subsequent sessions lasting an hour.

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