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Life changing and Inspiring workshops
  • Shadow Work with Nicola & John Kurk -
  • Shadow website - information about coaching and seminars nationally and internationally.
  • The ManKind Project
  • Woman Within
  • Women in Power
  • Alexandra Pope’s Creating Menstrual Health Workshop
Psychotherapy -

Womens health
  • - the womens quest handbook is an amazing guide to working consciously with your menstrual cycle.
  • - red tent temple movement
  • Listings of red tents in the uk -
  • to connect with the Red tent temple gatherings in Brighton and london please email me on and I will add you to the invite list.
  • Mama baby sanctuary, Lewes, East Sussex.
  • Incredible work concerning the womens mysteries, rites of passage and birth, with Midwife and educator Jane Hardwick Collins.
Doula connections and birth preparation.
  •  - use their find a doula search engine to find a recognised doula in your area. 
  • Spinning Babies with Gail Tully, wonderful educational website packed full of information on optimal feotal positioning and simple things to do to make pregnancy more comfortable and support an easy delivery.
  • - placenta encapsulation specialist serving Brighton and East sussex area.
  • Samsara tanner, placenta encapsulation.
  • - Nation wide search engine for placenta encapsulation in your area.
Grief and end of life transition Stephen Jenkinson. Incredible work on how we can honor and support our loved ones, and ourselves, as we face death and dying.

The following links are taken from the website of Lina Clerke - Childbirth Educator, Birth Attendant/ Doula (Sussex UK). Massage and Bowen Therapist, Midwife (Aus). Pre and postnatal CDs available, as well as wonderful stories, articles and links.

  • - Explore aspects of birth, drawing on things that Sheila has learned from women around the world and her research as a social anthropologist into women's experiences of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.
  • - Where you choose to have your baby and whom you choose to look after you in labour will affect the type of birth you have and the care you receive. This website explains your options and gives you some information to help you make those choices. There are excellent information leaflets (MIDIRS) that may be printed from this site.
  • - The revolutionary passion of mothering: twenty pages of articles and birth stories that the whole world should read.
  • - Michael Odent has been instrumental in influencing the history of childbirth and health research, focusing upon the long term consequences of early experiences. An overview of his Primal Health Research Data Bank indicates that health is shaped during the primal period (from conception to first birthday). This website focuses on the life period with the highest adaptability and vulnerability to environmental factors - inside the womb.
  • - Discover how you can make informed choices, and gain the confidence to be actively in charge of your pregnancy, birth and early parenting. Useful articles and info from this British site.
  • - Gentlebirth has a big search engine - look up anything from prenatal strep B tests and in-labour antibiotics, to vitamin K and Hepatitis B newborn injections. Heaps of otherwise hard to find info and discussion, often bringing a different point of view (and sometimes relevant only to the USA).
  • - The heart and science of birth.
  • - Medical writer and birth activist Henci Goer gives clear, concise information based on the latest medical studies. Check out the info about labor interventions, including episiotomy, under 'birth guru'.
  • - Helping women learn about options and make informed decisions. This program and website also provide evidence-based maternity care resources for professionals. Full-text access to the essential maternity care book, A Guide to Effective Care in Pregnancy and Childbirth (3rd ed., 2000).
  • - This site provides information about home birth, for parents who think that it might be the right choice for them, and for health professionals looking for facts and ideas. There are summaries of many research papers here - in plain English - that will help you to look at the evidence about safety in homebirth for yourself. Also many stories and practical tips.
  • - The Unassisted Childbirth Page, a site dedicated to the belief that women are the true experts of birth. Birth is sexual and spiritual, magical and miraculous - articles and stories on this site to help women to cast off their fears and begin to believe in their own abilities. Especially inspiring part of the site: Childbirth Ecstasy by Laura Shanley.

RED TENT MOVEMENT - article by Jill

What does red tent mean for me?

For me the red tent is a space to simply be, and allow to slip from my shoulders the faces i hold up for the outside world and the responsibilities I carry. To arrive naked with my sisters and trust in the deepest wisdom of the feminine to reveal its self. There is something ancient in the way this wisdom comes in the chamber of the tent, for it is more than a physical space and for me represents that that is most deep and knowing in the souls of each of us. Red tent gives us time and kind space to honour its presence and listen to its calls.

 The alchemy of the group seems to allow the resonance of whatever is needed at that time to be brought forth, and to tap deep down into the roots of the wider energy of the rhythms and cycles of the natural world. A place to go to be in touch with what is natural for us. When we call in the healing, the allowing, the listening, and we do this together there is such power. I wonder, is this what men feared so much they burnt us as witches?

For me the red tent is a teaching chamber and a healing space. It exists outside of linear time, and through connection with it I am learning that I can take what she symbolises deep into my own heart to go there to restore and give what is needed to myself, rather than follow time worn paths of self hurt and judgement when the chips are down. For me the red tent is a place to resource ourselves with supportive connections and allow the reflections of the journeys of others to guide and inspire, to trigger and catalyse fresh insight.

We have always met this way as women, holding the community fire, nourishing the children of flesh and what we may birth creatively in other ways. We birth. We bring forth. We carry the capacity to connect, to feel, to create, to destroy and to hold. We cycle with the earth in many different time line cycles. From maiden to elder, from blood to ovulation, from reflection to expression. In ancient times our spirituality was honoured, our connection to these cycles recognized by all as a gift to bring forth the wisdom of the sacred into the community. We were given space to retreat and listen. We are remembering the value of this together. We come from tribe, and although we must journey to the wilderness inside ourselves to find ourselves there is also the opportunity to return to community to share what we find, to bring what we find within into a broader social context. Although most of us where not initiated as young ones, taught how to harness oceanic depths and bring forth light and power from our descents into dark places, together we are allowing the re birth of these teachings. I love the dance of the ages, the elder ones and the young ones meeting and listening to each others stories, energising the each other with different qualities of wisdom. For me seeing the laughter, freedom, sensuality and sexual expression of some older ones has been so supportive to me, dismantling my inner holding of our cultures tight tale of no beauty but spring beauty.

For me this is what the red tent is about. All women, all faces of Woman meeting together reseeding that that is healthy, whole and good into our communities and own hearts. Being with our sadnesses and joys, rhythms and cycles, staying close and attentive to all that arises from the deep to guide us on our invisible paths, made more visible, tangible, of spirit, in the company of friends.

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